Línea 6

7. Gender and sexual diversity

On the one hand, this field is linked to gender studies and educational research. In this area of ​​work we want to address several issues: co-education, sex education, feminist theory, gender and immigration, media and communication, image and gender, gender socialization, women in the history of education, women and poverty, women and leadership, gender and politics, women and maternity, women and health, women and cultural minorities or sexuality and gender.
On the other hand, with respect to our line of sexual diversity, the issues we wish to examine include: education on sexual diversity to attain an inclusive and sexually diverse school, research on the work of LGBTI groups in education, participatory and experiential research that promote inclusion of sexual diversity, the empowerment of transformation groups and the transformation of homophobic, lesbo-phobic and trans-phobic environments.

(Photograph: Marsmettn Tallahassee)